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The Old Vines: Laying the Groundwork online course journeys to the roots of old vines, the sites where they are grown, the wines that they produce, and the custodians who take care of them. Discover how to best store and invest in old vine wines, their unique profile and how to best serve old vine wines. Explore the importance of the old vine category, the value of the Certified Heritage Vineyards seal, and how to best utilise the unique selling points of the old vine story to sell wines.

The course covers the fundamentals of each topic, with a focus on how it relates to old vines. Along the journey you will meet various wine and viticulture experts who will share best practices and their old vine stories.

A combination of reading, engagement activities and videos will keep you continually engaged. You will be assessed on the knowledge obtained and will receive a Certificate of Completion when the course is successfully passed.

The Old Vines: Laying the Groundwork course is recommended for tasting room, restaurant, and sales staff to effectively communicate with visitors and guests about the category and old vine wines that you sell. On and Off Trade commercial teams can also benefit where old vine wines are represented and sold to assist with communicating the category’s commercial benefits. Wine appreciation, tasting groups, and educational establishments looking to learn more about the Old Vine Category, may also be interested in completing the course.

Course outline

course outline


The allure of old vinesThe purpose of this module is to understand the fundamentals of old vines across the world with a specific focus on the Old Vine Project and the Certified Heritage Vineyards seal in South Africa.


ViticultureThe purpose of this module is to understand the structure of vines and growth cycles, and to discover how viticultural practises, terroir and the climate impact old vines.


WinemakingThe purpose of this module is to understand grape composition and harvesting practices, basic winemaking principles and the different vessels used to ferment, age and store wines. Throughout the winemaking process, winemakers are encouraged to focus on preserving the vineyard’s unique qualities and the exceptional fruit from old vines.


A sense of place – Identify how the sense of place impacts the development of old vine wines


Old vine Chenin BlancThe purpose of this module is to explain the history and role of Chenin Blanc, and to explore the unique sensory profile and versatility of the variety in South Africa.


Closure, storage and investing – The purpose of this module is to identify different wine closures, the basic principles of storing and maturation processes, and best practices in wine collection and investment.


Art of serving – Serving old vine wines correctly enhances their flavours


Taste science – Learn how the science of tasting wine impacts your enjoyment


Old vine category – Understanding the old vine category and its impact on your business and what opportunities exist for success


Selling old vine winesThe purpose of this module is to understand consumer trends that relate to selling old vine wines, and to provide resources and tools to sell Certified Heritage Vineyards wines.

Course information

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Online self-paced – Work at your own pace


24 hours total time to complete – The entire learning experience should take approximately 24 hours


Assessment – Assessment occurs upon completion of the content


Certification – Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of competency


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