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The wines associated with the Old Vine Project (OVP) are of a very exclusive nature, often very limited in quantity and from very special vineyard sites. The stories about these sites, the growers and the winemakers are fascinating, mystical and have historical value. These are no ordinary wines, with a perceived value beyond the price due to their limited availability and unique flavour profiles. It is clear that those who enjoy these unique wines and associated experiences wish to be part of the story and aspire to be included on a level where they feel a meaningful contribution is made to the cause. It’s not about a discount or a ‘buy one, get one for free’ offer. It’s actually about contributing more in order to enjoy the satisfaction of giving back.

The OVP endeavours to conserve these old blocks as part of our South African winemaking heritage. Through this endeavour, the primary growers are also kept in business. This is indeed not only about the vineyards and agriculture, but about the people involved at a vineyard level and their sustainability too.

As a donor, you can be part of this ground-breaking and unique project in the South African wine industry. While there are several informal initiatives in other international winegrowing regions, the South African OVP is a world first, and as a donor you can be part of this.

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André Morgenthal
Old Vine Project Manager

Nadia Hefer
Old Vine Project Consultant