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THE OLD VINE PROJECT has on record 10 vineyards in South Africa that are older than 100 years, however, with the odd exception, their locations, the names of the property owners and the wines made from them (if any) are strictly confidential. No doubt these are precious plants. Perish the thought that they might go up in smoke or be dug up to make way for vegetables, say!

It’s about the preservation of old vines and caring for young vines so that they may be healthy and worthy of protection in their old age, rather than being ripped up to make way for new plantings as is common practice when the yield tapers off. But wow, have they got their work cut out for them! South Africa has some 94 000 hectares of vineyard, of which the OVP says only 6 436 ha are older than 30 years and just 2 621 ha older than 35 years.

The OVP maintains that “age in vines brings an intensity, a perceived freshness, a texture and a sense of place”. The belief is that the renewed focus on the quality that old vines in South Africa can deliver will help to raise the price of grapes, which in turn will contribute to struggling farms remaining viable as well as better pay and living conditions for farm workers. For more about the project as well as the Certified Heritage Vineyards seal on the bottles of wine made from vines older than 35 years, see here.

Given below are links to those wine producers who’ve signed up as members of the OVP and who have disclosed the names of what they’re making with the fruit from old vines – the wines listed according to the years in which the vines were planted. Not included here are wines made from old vines whose age wasn’t accurately recorded and wines that are blends of numerous varieties from vines of various ages.


Dashbosch Hanepoot from Muscat d’Alexandrie bush vines outside Rawsonville in the Breedekloof


Alheit’s La Colline Semillon from bush vines on the Dassenberg, Franschhoek


Boekenhoutskloof Semillon from three vineyards in Franschhoek: two blocks of bush vines at Eikehof, planted in 1902 and 1942, one at La Colline, planted in 1936
Sadie Family Ouwingerdreeks Mev Kirsten Chenin Blanc from a vineyard at the foot of Bothamaskop in Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch


Bosman Optenhorst Chenin Blanc from bush vines in Wellington


Bellevue 1953 Pinotage from bush vines in Bottelary, Stellenbosch
Kruger Old Vine Cinsault from bush vines in the Piekenierskloof valley outside Citrusdal


Windmeul Single Vineyard Cinsault from vines in Paarl


Meerendal Heritage Block Pinotage from bush vines in Durbanville
Sadie Family Ouwingerdreeks Skurfberg Chenin Blanc from three vineyards on the Skurfberg Mountains between Clanwillian and Lambert’s Bay that were planted between 1940 and 1955


Anthonij Rupert’s Cape of Good Hope Laing Semillon from bush vines on the Skurfberg outside Clanwilliam


Anthonij Rupert’s Cape of Good Hope van Lill & Visser Chenin Blanc from bush vines on the Skurfberg outside Clanwilliam
Metzer Chenin Blanc Montane from bush vines in the Helderberg foothills, Stellenbosch
Sadie Family Ouwingerdreeks Soldaat Grenache Noir from a vineyard in the Piekenierskloof area outside Citrusdal


Cecelia Pinotage from bush vines in the Citrusdal Mountain area
David & Nadia Semillon from bush vines in the Paardeberg outside Malmesbury, Swartland
Spice Route Amos Block Sauvignon Blanc and Amos Block Perpetual Reserve Under Flor Cape Sherry from bush vines in the Swartland
Thorne & Daughters Paper Kite Old Vine Semillon from a vineyard in the Swartland


David & Nadia Hoë-Steen Chenin Blanc from bush vines outside Malmesbury, Swartland


Sadie Family Ouwingerdreeks Pofadder Cinsaut from vines on the side of the Kasteelberg mountains in the Swartland
Sadie Family Ouwingerdreeks Skerpioen blend of Chenin Blanc and Palomino from vines on the coastline between Dwarsskersbos and Elands Bay planted between 1958 and 1967


Villa Esposto Muscat d’Alexandrie Straw Wine from bush vines at Klawer, Olifants River


DeMorgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc and The Divas Chenin Blanc from bush vines in Stellenbosch Kloof
Fairview Pegleg Carignan from bush vines on the Perdeberg Mountain, Swartland


Lammershoek’s Mysteries Die Ou Man from two blocks of Tinta Barocca vines outside Malmesbury, Swartland, one planted in 1969 and one in 1973


Huis van Chevallerie Nuwedam Chenin Blanc from bush vines on Nuwedam farm, Perdeberg Mountain, Swartland
Welgegund Chenin Blanc from vines in Hawequa Mountains, Wellington
Welgegund Cinsault 
from vines in Hawequa Mountains, Wellington
Windmeul Chenin Blanc from vines in Paarl


Allée Bleue Old Vine Pinotage from ungrafted bushvines in Piekenierskloof outside Citrusdal
Huis van Chevallerie Filia Chenin Blanc Brut Nature
 Cap Classique from bush vines on Nuwedam farm, Perdeberg Mountain, Swartland
Mullineux & Leeu Granite Chenin Blanc from two blocks of bush vines in the Paardeberg, Swartland, one planted in 1976 and the other in 1972
Reyneke Natural Chenin Blanc from vineyard on Polkadraai Hills, Stellenbosch


Gabriëlskloof Landscape Series Elodie Chenin Blanc from vineyards the Pardeberg area of the Swartland


Alheit’s Radio Lazarus Chenin Blanc  from two hilltop blocks of bush vines in Bottelary, Stellenbosch, one block planted in 1978, the other in 1970


Lammershoek’s Die Harde Blaar from Hàrslevelü vines outside Malmesbury, Swartland
Reyneke Biodynamic Chenin Blanc from vineyard on Polkadraai Hills, Stellenbosch


Metzer Chenin Blanc Maritime from bush vines in Stellenbosch


Silvervis from Chenin Blanc vineyard on the Paardeberg outside Malmesbury, Swartland
Villa Esposto Chenin Blanc
 from bush vines in Klawer, Olifants River
Waterford Library Collection Chenin Blanc from a vineyard in Stellenbosch

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