“A cynic by experience, a romantic by inclination, and now a hero by necessity.”- David Gemmell, Legend.

I love David Gemmell. I always have had a flair for the dramatic, and his fantastical tales of Celtic tribes and Druss the Legend played right into my wheelhouse. I see him everywhere in modern-day South African wine. 

Vineyard School

Yesterday I spent the day with Rosa Kruger, Sheldon van Wyk, Nadia Hefer, Heinrich Schloms, David & Nadia Sadie, and 27 vineyard workers from 13 farms (as far as I could count), for the first day of the Vineyard School presented by the newly formed Vineyard Workers Development NPC. While not connected to the Old Vine Project, this project is very much at the heart of everything.

It’s teaching the people in the vineyard their worth and the importance of establishing an informed, educated culture around grape growing and winemaking at every level. As Rosa stood up there, her eyes danced as she spoke to the people, sharing her knowledge and allowing them to talk and ask questions, obviously relishing the opportunity. And they, in turn, interacting, asking questions, and cracking jokes.

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