In recognition of the vital importance our heritage vineyards and their unique wines play in the South African viticultural landscape, the Platter’s Wine Guide will be adding the CHV icon in the upcoming 2019 edition.

This will clearly highlight to local and international wine lovers which wines are certified by the OVP, by adding the icon next to each Certified Heritage Vineyards wine.

Currently the OVP has almost 40 members, increasing by the week. Potential members have a two-month window to become a member and ensure the icon next to their old-vine wines in the Platter’s Wine Guide.

Editor, Philip van Zyl, says “we are proud to add the Certified Heritage Vineyards icon to the wine inscriptions. The value of the OVP and the certification is furthered by this addition in the Guide, which is internationally acknowledged as one of the best wine guides in the world, if not one of the oldest.”

There are plans to have the icon added to restaurant wine lists as well to differentiate these wines, as well as communicating the stories about the vineyards and people involved with them.

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