Munskänkarna, one of the worlds largest wine tasting groups, spent a couple of days exploring the wine regions of South Africa.  Amongst excursions to Swartland and Cape Point, the group visited the picturesque town of Stellenbosch.

Munskänkarna wine tasting group at De Volkskombuis, Stellenbosch

The Old Vine Project presented a wine tasting at the historical De Volkskombuis.  The building was originally designed as labourers’ cottages by Sir Herbert Baker in 1902.  The property was acquired by Historical Homes of South Africa in 1968, where it was restored and leased as a restaurant.  The building stood vacant for a couple of years, until the Rupert family initiated a full restoration in 2017.

De Volkskombuis, Stellenbosch

André Morgenthal explains the wine selection: “The line up is a comfortable reflection of Old Vine wines across cultivars and regions.” The selection included:

              Old Vine Project wine selection                                          Old Vine Project presentation 

The menu boasted with traditional dishes such as “Boland Bobotie”, “Meraai se Hoender Pie” and “Koekie se Tamatie Bredie”.  A perfect compliment to the Old Vine wine selection!

                André Morgenthal and Maja Berthas                                                   De Volkskombuis menu

The synergy between the historical building, the wines and the food is profound.  The building preserves our rich history; the wines reflect the decades of vines growing in one place and the dishes showcase recipes passed on from generations before.  It protects and promotes our stories and our heritage.

Munskänkarna wine tasting group at De Volkskombuis, Stellenbosch 

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