Sans chêne refers to a wine made without any oaking regime but it also means without chains,” says Johan Kruger as he describes their family journey from being confined to one site to now being free to work with vineyards cross regionally.  With the precursor of granite as the common denominator, their wines tell a story of granitic soils across regions.

The big move happened when he was offered the opportunity to make wine for Naked Wines, based in the UK and with their objective being to offer winemakers a chance to express themselves beyond their existing environment. Now, however, thanks to Kruger Family Wines most recently added wine, the Old Vines Chenin Blanc, they are not only ‘saving’ winemakers but also old vineyards. This is a success story for everyone involved, especially the vineyard owner and the old block that was almost pulled out!

The Kruger Family Wines Old Vines Chenin Blanc is also the first Old Vine Project (OVP) member’s wine to carry the new Certified Heritage Vineyards seal, in the week that we (the OVP) are celebrating our first two years in business.

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