Harvest time – take regular samples of your grapes, or taste regularly, as a heatwave during one weekend can push the grapes from 21 to 23 B!

Do the last bit of removal of green, delayed bunches in red grapes to even out maturity levels.

Start planning your cover crops – remember that a good cover crop is the first step in restoring soil health. A mixed cover crop always better that single crop.

Think about post harvest fertilizer – the most important time to fertilize. Organic always better, but nothing is possible without water from the heavens.

If you plan to plant – the sooner you order your planting material from the nurseries, the better. In about 4 years, there will be planting material available from 10 of our oldest blocks in SA. Vititec is busy cleaning up the material of all known viruses and propagating them.

Try to mulch your old vines – another very important step towards soil health. Better soils, less water needed in the long run, less fertilizer and better quality grapes means a  sustainable crop and vineyard longevity.

Mark the weaker vines in your field and give them extra care after  harvest.

Watch out for mealy bug – lots around this season.

Drink lots of water and do not harvest old vine grapes in the heat of day!

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