South Africa’s Old Vines are helping its winemaking future

The Old Vine Project in South Africa is an attempt to both discover vines and help make wines from vineyards that go back 35 years or more, but also convince growers and buyers that these vines need to be protected and nurtured. Su Birch talks to Andre Morgenthal and Jaco Engelbrecht who have got behind the initiative to ensure it achieves its ambitious goals.

By Su Birch |

MIichael Fridjhon: How to save Sa’s old vines

The plight of old vines, or more correctly, of the owners of old vineyards, has been in the media lately. It is becoming increasingly clear that, pretty much at the same time as we have discovered the joy of wines made with fruit harvested from old vines, we’re about to watch our heritage vineyards vanish…