Painted Wolf Wines is a family business founded in 2007. Founders Emma and Jeremy Borg met running a safari camp in Botswana. On their wedding day that made a pact to help protect and conserve the African wilderness. Many years later this began to be fulfilled with the establishment of Painted Wolf. They set out to make an eclectic range of exciting wines which offered good value, enabling a donation to be made from each bottle sold to the conservation of the rare and charismatic African Painted Wolf . Afrcan Painted Wolves ( otherwise known as Wild Dogs or Painted dogs) are our most critically endangered large mammel in Southern Africa and it is only fitting that we should be a part of a project to protect rare and charismatic old vines of South Africa.


Lycacon “Old Vine” Chenin Blanc

Lycacon “Old Vine” Chenin Blanc

The winemaker


I have come to full time winemaking later in my life, having spent a few years with an accounting firm in London, and then 8 years as a restaurant cook and owner. My wine career began around 1990 when I lived in California, first in retail and then as a sales rep and eventually as a cellar worker. I was working and studying when I took a holiday to see my family in SA at the end of 1993. This led to me accidently going to do a sabatical in the bush in Botswana for a few life changing years, and my eventual retuen to SA and job as Charles Backs boy friday at Fairview. All this time I wanted to make wine. I applied to study wine making by distance study at the University of New South Wales in Aus, but was “persuaded” to stop and did a wine business post grad instead at Adelaide University. When I started Painted Wolf I relied to a very large degree on the skills and resources of various freinds to help achive my winemaking and conservation goals. Painted Wolves are one of the most co-operative animals, and we have taken this on board as a key driver of our company and wine making. I make wine, have wine made for me with grapes i buy and also buy finished wine on a regular bassi from some of the countries most respected wine makers. Over the years we have managed to contribute around 45 of our turnover to conservation whilst making some lovely wines and having a lot of fun