Wildekrans, in the picturesque Bot River Valley has all the key components to produce grapes of the highest possible quality.

The estate comprises around 1000 hectares and was originally established as a mixed farming operation. Today Wildekrans still produces export quality fruit, but wine has become both a passion and a priority in more recent years. The first of the present vineyards were planted in 1982 and the new wine cellar was built. From 1997, new vineyards comprising over 40 hectares were planted, including 30 hectares of plums and pears, as well as 14 hectares of olives. The owners have, with great pride and joy, restored every building on the farm, some having been in ruins and dating back over 150 years.



The Winemaker


Ferdinand Laubscher graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2005. He started as the assistant winemaker at the Groblershoop cellar of Orange River Cellars the next year. After 4 successful harvests he was transferred to Upington cellar where he worked for the next 4 years. In 2015 Ferdinand joined the team at Bonnivale wines, but returned to Orange River Cellars in 2017 as the Senior Winemaker at Grootdrink cellar. Ferdinand enjoys the close knit community, as well as the unique challenges of making wine, in the area named Grootdrink.

The Viticulturist


Mr. Japie van Wyk took over the responsibilities of the family farm, after the passing of his father in 1959 in the Grootdrink area of the Northern Cape. He started producing wine grapes with the formation of Orange River Cellars in 1965. Mr. Japie Van Wyk also served on the board of directors at KWV until 1986, after which he was sworn in as Minister of Water affairs for the Republic of South Africa. Mr. Japie van Wyk is currently still producing excellent quality wine grapes and raisins at the young age of 83.