Opstal  Estate is a 7th generation family owned farm, located in the picturesque Slanghoek Valley, between the beautiful Badsberg and Drakensteyn mountains. Block R on the farm, the Chenin Blanc, spans 2.5 ha and was planted in 1982 by the 6th generation farmer Stanley Louw. This deep sandy loam soil has got very good natural drainage. In 1987 this particular block won the South African National Vineyard Block Competition and to this day we still use the term “wen blok”.  From this wen blok, Attie Louw the winemaker, crafts the famous Carl Everson Chenin Blanc, named after the 4th generation farmer, our great grandfather.


Opstal Carl Everson Chenin blanc 2017


The winemaker


Stanley Louw, 6th generation vintner of Opstal Estate, is still actively involved in both management and production. He joined the business back in 1980 and is closing in on 40 years on the farm. His experience and ‘Opstal-terroir-know-how’ is invaluable. With his attitude and inviting atmosphere towards the next generation and the succession of the business, the right foundation has been laid down. Attie is the winemaker and in charge of sales while Zak is focused on production and spends most of his day in the vineyards.
The Opstal trio share a love of the soil and the Slanghoek Valley, are hard workers and enjoy the fruit of their labour in a bottle of good wine. Away from the farm they all love the game of golf and when time and family commitments allow for it, they’ll enjoy a round together.

Picture: Attie, Stanley and Zak Louw