The Old Road Wine Company.

The Old Road Wine Company recalls the stories of the legendary characters & vines that shaped the Franschhoek community in the early years of its emergence

Old Road Wine Co. Grand Mere Semillon 2016


The Winemaker


Ryan Puttick, Old Road Wine Co. winemaker, has through his travels and winemaking experience, Ryan developed a passion for unconventional grape varieties, blending and site-specific wines. He enjoys the artisanal side of making wine – working with individual batches of premium fruit and moldings them on their journey from vineyard to bottle, with the fullest expression of their origin in mind.   Being the gregarious person that he is, Ryan believes in the ability of wine to tell a story and bring people together. Wines with character and staying power, and that is what drew him to the Old Road Wine Co. fold – making interesting wines, which he feels that these speak not only to the senses but also to something in the soul.

The Viticulturist


Stephan Joubert, a highly-rated viticulturist and industry contributor, has been leading a premium wine focus and drives the importance of building a sustainable South African wine business.  As an outspoken advocate for the great quality of South African premium wines, Stephan believes that a concerted industry-wide effort is required to enthuse international consumers on the unique selling points of South African wine. He has devoted much of his career to understanding the diverse terroir influences on wine and continues the search for new exciting terroir sites and some special old vineyards.