Meerhof Wine Estate in the Swartland wine growing region in South Africa.

Named in honour of the Danish explorer Pieter van Meerhof, Jan van Riebeeck’s ship surgeon and first to explore the area now known as Riebeek Kasteel, the cellar has a history of highs and lows matching the slopes of the Kasteelberg and the fertile Riebeek Valley beneath – a complex past that is fertile soil for the cultivation of fine wine.

Meerhof’s proud tradition of winemaking began in 1751. Combining the unique terroir and perfect viticulture of the Coastal Region, coupled with both traditional and modern vinification techniques, has established Meerhof’s reputation of producing classical wines of distinction.


Meerhof Chenin Blanc 2018


The Winemaker


The General Manager and Winemaker, Jaco Brand is in charge of all Winemaking activities, Sales, Marketing and all other business related matters. We are confident that there is an even brighter future for Meerhof and its wines. Jaco believe in building strong business relationships and value customer service and the delivery of a premium quality product at all time as highly important and crucial to the continued existence of any wine brand.

The Viticulturist


Johan Kellerman is our viticulturist and farm manager. Johan also joined the team at Meerhof with many years of experience in top quality wine grape production. This man really lives close to nature and you don’t need to spend allot of time with him to realize his absolute passion for nature and responsible farming. He is also a good leader for his farm staff and takes great care of their every need. Johan’s hard work can be seen by just walking around on the farm as well as in the final tasting of the wines produced by these exceptional Swartland farmed grapes.