Joostenberg has a long history. The farm was established by a Swedish settler in the late 1600’s. The oldest homestead on the farm, a classic “Cape Dutch” manor house, dates back to 1756 and has been declared a national monument. Originally, mixed agriculture was practised on the farm, and from the early 1800’s until 1947 both wine and brandy were made.

Joostenberg was purchased by the Myburgh family in 1879, and ownership has remained with the family ever since. In 1947 winemaking ceased, and for the following 52 years grapes were sold to the local co-op.

In 1999, brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh, the 5th generation of Myburghs to farm this land, resumed the winemaking tradition. Today Joostenberg is a small, family owned and managed wine farm producing an exclusive range of wine. Of special importance are our Chenin Blanc and Syrah (Shiraz) grape varietals. We place special emphasis on individuality, natural winemaking and environmental accountability through organic farming — full organic status was achieved in 2012.

The Certified Heritage Vineyards at Joostenberg are two Chenin blanc vineyards planted in 1982 and 1989. Both situated on the Joostenberg estate. In order to optimize the influence of terroir the vineyards were managed according to organic principles and were dry-farmed.


Die Agteros Chenin Blanc 2017


The winemaker


Originally a philosophy major at Stellenbosch, Tyrrel’s interest in winemaking was kindled by the environment in which he lived.

He graduated from Elsenburg, spent time in Limoux, France, and at Sonoma, USA, before returning to start making wine. His wife Anette has a Masters in plant pathology and they have two boys and live on Joostenberg Farm close to the rest of their family.

Tyrrel is the one who has made it all happen at Joostenberg as far as wines are concerned. His wines, like everything else at Joostenberg, have that wonderfully unhurried, calming kind of character.

“When you want to make wine that reflects your particular piece of dirt, you have to be patient,” he says. “I try to capture the terroir and vintage in every bottle we make.”

The word ‘passion’ comes into the conversation often, yet he is firmly grounded and very focused on what he is doing. His wines are all fruit-driven with a minimal amount of interference in the process, managing to achieve, most neatly, that boutique wine status, much desired, but not always attained, by others.