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Vineyards and vines:

The Chenin Blanc vineyard is 37 years old and located on the highest point on a Southwest facing slope on the farm. The Chenin produced from this vineyard is usually harvested in stages to produce a full bodied, complex wine with up front fruit and freshness.

Planted: 1981

Lofty altitudes and westerly aspects punctuate the quality of the Chenin Blanc. For the 2017 vintage we selected the fruit from 36 year old Chenin vines with a north south row direction. These old vineyards were harvested in three stages. Fruit that was exposed to direct sunlight, then fruit that was hanging partially in the sun and finally fruit inside the canopy (shaded fruit). This equipped the winemaker with luscious, gradually ripened fruit with a variety of flavours.


100% was barrel fermented and barrel aged for 4 months on the lees. Regular lees stirring added to the complexity and rich mouth feel of the wine. Thereafter we selected and blended the 15 best barrels. 20% new untoasted barrels. 20% 2nd fill and 20% 3rd fill. 40% 4th fill – 500L barrel. This resulted in a full-bodied wine with yellow fruit intensity.

Chenin is a wine that develops and deepens both in color and aroma over time. As such it rewards the patient with extra complexity while offering the impatient oodles of up-front fruit and freshness.

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