To experience the unobtainable, that which is inaccessible, makes a trip unforgettable.

The Old Vine Heritage Tours add an exciting element to the wine tourism landscape of the Cape winelands. As with gastronomy tourism, where the wine experience is enhanced by a food element, the Old Vine Heritage Tours will offer guests an educational experience with regards to viticulture and our wine heritage. Current world travellers wishes to educate themselves and immerse themselves in cultural experiences. The discovery and revival of these old vine blocks along with the uniquely textured wines made from them make for stimulating discussion.

Each tour will be tailored to suit the guests’ expectations, availability and geographic location during their visit to the Western Cape. Tours could be for one day or over a few days and across regions, where additional tourism attractions can be built in. These old blocks are found in Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington, the Breedekloof, the Swartland and further up the West Coast. A map of the regions is available here.

Typically, an itinerary will flow as follows:


Visit two old vine blocks where a short overview will be given on their history and significance.

Tasting of a selection of old vine wines, based on the visits.

Before lunch

For a more technical experience, a 35-minute presentation can be offered between the site visits and lunch, with the tasting incorporated.

Experience has shown that two site visits will usually be sufficient to cover the viticultural aspects and unique stories of the particular blocks. The real conversation is ignited during the tasting and subsequent lunch.

An attractive element is the old vine wines’ scarcity value and the exclusivity factor. Usually very small volumes are made from these low-yielding blocks and the wines are snapped up by those in the know, sometimes even before release.

Enquiries: Andre Morgenthal