André Morgenthal and how the Old Vine Project is saving South Africa’s heritage vines

By Christopher Barnes

The Old Vine Project is an organization that was created to preserve South Africa’s heritage vineyards. Over the past two decades many South African wineries had been pulling out old vineyards due to the low yields and generally challenging economics surrounding old vines. The Old Vine Project identified 3,505 hectares of vineyards with a vine age of over 35 years and its efforts have been a key factor in reserving the tide.

A key objective in the fight to save heritage vineyards is creating awareness about the premium nature of the wines made from old vines notable for showcasing intensity, freshness, texture and a sense of place. In raising awareness, the Old Vine Project has helped to develop a marketplace where farmers are now getting paid a premium for their old vines grapes.

Grape Collective talks with the Old Vine Project’s André Morgenthal about the importance of saving heritage vineyards.

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