The Old Vine Project is a non-profit company with the object to preserve Old Vines and promote sustainable viticultural practices to create more Old Vines.

The OVP offers membership to wine producers and grape producers. In order to become a member of the Old Vine Project, vineyards must 35 years and older and registered with SAWIS.  The members of the OVP subscribe to adhere to sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices according to OVP guidelines.

The benefits of becoming an OVP member include:

  • Local and international exposure including but not limited to tastings and auction lots
  • Exposure on OVP social media platforms and website
  • Inclusion in exclusive vineyard tours
  • Play an integral and proud role in the conservation of the South African heritage through preserving and sustaining old vineyards to ensure future generations are also able to make exceptional wines from old vines
  • Access to vineyards and annually updated old vineyards list
  • Access to viticultural advice
  • Access to specialised vineyard worker training (viticultural practices) with regards to old vines
  • Access to research
  • To be part of international and local research projects
  • Having your old vineyards blocks or old vine wine certified by OVP

For more information, please view the OVP membership agreement.