Travel through the Cape winelands and immerge yourself in the heritage of South African viticulture.  Discover the unique stories of old vines and taste a selection of exclusive and limited wines. The Heritage Tours are personalised to suit each guest’s expectation, availability and geographic location during their visit to the Western Cape. Tours could be for one day or over a few days and across regions, where additional tourism attractions can be built in. These old blocks are found in Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington, the Breedekloof, the Swartland and further up the West Coast.

A typical itinerary will commence at 09h00 and includes a visit to two old vine blocks where a short overview is given on their history and significance.  A tasting of old vine wines is followed by lunch. Experience has shown that two site visits is usually be sufficient to cover the viticultural aspects and unique stories of the particular blocks. The real conversation is ignited during the tasting and subsequent lunch.

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“South Africa is currently the most dynamic, progressive and exciting wine country in the world.”

Neal Martin