Victoria Moore tasting on 31 October 2018

The Old Vine Project presented a tasting for Victoria Moore, wine columnist and journalist for The Telegraph and a wine club that she tutors at the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, one of the old London merchant guilds – a group of serious wine enthusiasts who are more familiar with Bordeaux and Burgundy than our wines. …

#Hashtag Radio interview with Piekenierskloof Wine Company and André Morgenthal

Chatting now with Jaco from Piekenierskloof Wines now all about #Piekeniers Grenache etc, and then with André from Old Vine Projectabout #OldVines. Audaciously Sels joining in the fun! #SAwineshowcase 🍷[0]=68.ARD_o0QRqAMSkK5XqgC5f6CoHl6Rw6rl1MTUSdzbOES4ze6RVyqPU7IdzRndxET87g3r90EtIn4mIv37PtDg1TT0Y5d5XObLuu7ChC30HbQkzhHnKNM1nit2xHrHxKKjXn0gLc-_UGLT-PKfaazO5sHoHWsZinDtqW8aNfUtQPujeCkDtKrBrjeVjYdRo7tWnpYp-LSOTqwc7Q3laBM_Urm24YHNqCveZTjw&__tn__=FC-R