Villiera Wines

Villiera Wines a fourth generation family business is situated in the Stellenbosch wine region. Founded in 1983 by cousins Jeff and Simon Grier who embarked on an extensive replanting of classic and local varietals with a vision to specialise in Methode Cap Classique. With approximately 180 hectares of vineyards, yields are kept at a mere 8 tons per hectare to maximise fruit quality. The varietal mix varies according to shifting consumer demand and new product innovation. In the early 1980’s, only 5% of the vineyards were planted to red varietals but this has increased to 40% currently. The vineyards and cellar are labour intensive to provide much needed employment to the local community and to preserve quality. Old vines require more attention and care to produce high quality fruit. At the 2017 Drinks Business Green Awards Villiera received the Green Company of the Year Award.

Villiera vineyards

Watch this space for Old Vines wines.

The Winemaker

Alexander Grier

Alexander Grier is now overseeing the Old Vines Project at Villiera and will be driving the future plans and visions.  Expect to see some new wines appearing made from these Old Vines.


The Vineyards


To be classed as old vines, vineyards need to be 35 years or older. At Villiera Wines, we are privileged to have a number of vineyards close to this age and a few that are older. These vines have huge trunks and branches with extensive root systems. The reserves in these vines enable them to survive the climatic fluctuations between vintages, be they dry or wet. Some of our premium old vine vineyards are also unirrigated and yields from these vineyards are conservatively small, resulting in complex, unique wines, which if they could, would have a story to tell.