Villa Esposto, situated in Klawer, Orange River valley.

Villa Esposto pays tribute to the many Italians who have played such a pivotal role in South Africa.  It pays particular homage to Louis Theodore Esposto who arrived from Italy in 1914 and the Italians who built the water canal that today is a vital “fountain of life” in this arid wine growing region of the Western Cape.

Villa Esposto Straw Wine

Muscat D’Alexandrie

Villa Esposto Chenin Blanc

Chenin blanc

The Viticulturist

Basie van Lill

The grapes are sourced from old “dry land” bush vines farmed by the well know Bassie van Lill on Skurfkop.



Villa Esposto Chenin Blanc

Planting date: 1982


Villa Esposto Straw Wine

Planting date: 1969