Reyneke Organic Wines

At Reyneke Wines we’re very happy to have not one but two old vineyards! The grapes from these vineyards were initially used to produce bulk wine and when the yields started dropping the previous owner started removing them. We jumped in and leased the vineyards for a few years and were finally able to purchase them. We immediately started process of converting these intensively farmed sites to organics and biodynamics. Our efforts finally paid off and we now have beautiful wines coming from two beautiful sites.

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Natural Chenin Blanc 2016


Biodynamic Chenin Blanc 2017


The Winemaker

Rudiger Gretschel

Rudiger’s day job is the Technical Director of Wine Company Vinimark. After graduating at the Stellenbosch University with an oenology degree, Rudiger worked as senior winemaker at Boekenhoutskloof, before joining Vinimark in 2009. Rudiger has been moonlighting as the Reyneke winemaker ever since.

The Viticulturist

Johan Reyneke

Johan Reyneke is the viticulturist at Reyneke Wines. He’s been doing so ever since the early 90’s and converted his first vineyard to biodynamics in 2000.

He loves what he is does and has a special place in his heart for old vines. Like older people, they require special care and have so much more to offer in return. In this crazy world where time and money is everything, an old vine offers solace, wisdom and ample time for reflection.