Winemaker / Producer

( Annually )

The conditions are:

Vineyards must be 35 years and older and registered with SAWIS

The blocks need to be registered on a valid SAWIS 1 document upon which an application can be submitted to SAWIS for an Old Vine Single Vineyard registration on a BG3 document (all obtainable from SAWIS). Vineyards must be certified with SAWIS as Singe Vineyard under the Wine of Origin Scheme. SAWIS will add a note to their Single Vineyard table along with the block name (producer/winemaker) to provide. Updates are required annually before October.
Or certified by the OVP (vineyards exceeding 6ha or field blends)
– Paid up member of OVP

As a member of the OVP, copies of the Single Vineyard certificates need to be submitted to the OVP for their records. The members of the OVP subscribe to adhere to sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices according to OVP guidelines

Benefits of Level One membership includes:

  • Local and international exposure including but not limited to tastings and auction lots
  • Exposure on OVP social media platforms and website
  • Inclusion in exclusive vineyard tours
  • Play an integral and proud role in the conservation of the South African heritage through preserving and sustaining old vineyards to ensure future generations are also able to make exceptional wines from old vines
  • Access to vineyards and anually updated old vineyards list
  • Access to research


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